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    We work directly with your attorney or case manager to review your case. To speed the process along, it’s important to let your attorney know that you applied with Provident Lawsuit Loans.

    For most cases, we can approve you for funding within a few hours of speaking with your attorney. Our case review focuses on liability, damages and insurance coverage.

    We never check your credit or employment history. Because we only focus on the merits of your case, our process is much faster than a traditional loan.

    In a rush to get funding? Call us now at (800) 908-6860. We’ll help you apply and reach out to your attorney immediately.

    Less Than 24 Hour Funding

    At Provident Lawsuit Loans, we care about providing fast and easy pre-settlement funding. Unlike other legal funding companies, we make every client a priority.

    That means that we’ll go the extra mile every time to make sure you get funding as quickly as possible. We offer several lightning-fast funding options:

    • Western Union and MoneyGram – These take minutes to process and don’t even require a bank account.
    • Wires and Direct Deposit – Depending on your bank, these options take as little as minutes, and usually no longer than overnight.
    • Overnight Checks – Prefer a check? We’ll send you funds overnight so you can get cash the next day.
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