Is a Car Accident Lawsuit Loan Right For Me?

If you’ve recently been in a car accident you may be wondering if a car accident loan is a good choice for you. With medical bills and the expenses associated with the cost of living piling up, legal funding may look like a promising prospect.

What is a car accident lawsuit loan?

Lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming. You may have unexpected expenses or be unable to work due to your injuries. The duration of your case is unknown, and you may need funding immediately. This is where a car accident settlement loan would be most beneficial. A car accident lawsuit loan is a cash advance you get on your settlement. The purpose of this car accident loan is to give you the funding you need to cover any expenses you may have piling up during your case.

Situations that may make you consider a car accident loan

There are a few situations that may make you want to consider taking out car accident loans. Personal injury plaintiffs are usually the ones who are hurt the most and require the most help. There’s no guarantee that an insurance company will be fair, nor is there a way to know when your case will reach a settlement. Provident understands this and we have composed a list of situations that you may want to consider taking out car accident loans.

You’re injured and cannot work.

For car accident victims this is very common. Legal funding functions to tie you over before you reach a settlement.

Medical bills, rent/mortgage, and whatever other payments you have will continue after you have been injured. Auto accidents sadly do not stop the payments, a car accident lawsuit loan will enable you to make those payments.

Your insurance is lowballing you

Insurance lowballing is when your insurance company offers you a lower settlement than what your case qualifies for. If you believe your insurance company is lowballing you, a car accident lawsuit loan would be beneficial.

Lawsuit loans give you more leverage over insurance companies. Typically after a car accident, you are injured, cannot work, and live a busy life. All of this means you want the car accident settled as quickly as possible. Insurance companies know this and try to use it to their advantage. With a cash advance from Provident, you will be able to reject any low settlement offers they make and properly fight your case.

You need cash immediately

After a car accident, a lot of expenses pop up unexpectedly. Provident understands this which is why we offer car accident loans within 24 hours of approval.

Unexpected expenses are common with car accidents. If you have a car accident loan from Provident, you will be able to cover those expenses without worrying. We offer funding within 24 hours of approval. Often, we can get the funding to our clients within an hour. We understand that you need cash quickly to make up for the loss of income.

Car accident loans from Provident

Provident can get you legal funding within 24 hours of approval. We know that a car accident is a big impact on life, and we want to support you. With a car accident loan from us, you’ll be able to stay in your case as long as possible so you receive a fair settlement. If you have any questions call us at  (800) 908-6860  or apply now!

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