Semi Truck Accident Lawsuit Loans

Any auto accident can be devastating, but the dangers and injuries associated with semi-truck accidents put them on a higher level. Long shifts and cramped deadlines mean that even proficient drivers can prove negligent when the demands of the job are too high. Personal injury plaintiffs are put in a tough position. You are up against a large insurance company with more financial and legal resources than you have at your disposal. While they have seemingly unlimited funds, you may be struggling to make rent.

Whether you are dealing with them, or an insurance company, they are well aware of that position. They will likely be looking to drag out the legal proceedings, forcing you to settle early, and for much less than you deserve. One of the best ways to level the playing field is to leverage the money you are owed against them. That’s where personal injury lawsuit loans come in.

A lawsuit loan is simply an advance on your settlement, which you can use to fund your everyday needs. Whether it’s medical bills or rent, you need to be able to pay them just to see the case to its end. Rest assured that a lawsuit loan is nothing like a traditional, personal loan. While both can get you money when you are in a tight spot, a lawsuit loan is secured against the value of your settlement, not your credit or physical collateral. In fact, if you don’t win the case, you don’t owe us anything.

At Provident Lawsuit Loans, we can get you cash in as little as 24 hours of applying. We fund all stages of semi-truck accident lawsuits, even within a few days of the accident. You can always apply online or call us, one of our personal injury case managers will run through the process of how you can get lawsuit loans within 24 hours of approval.

Approval factors for semi-truck accident lawsuit loans

There are three key aspects that affect the likelihood of you receiving pre-settlement funding from Provident legal funding. Below we are going to go over each of these aspects and how they can impact your likelihood of receiving a lawsuit loan, as well as how they impact the amount of lawsuit funding your case qualifies for.

At Provident Lawsuit Loans we do not grant semi-truck accident lawsuit loans based on credit or employment history. We grant cash advances based on the quality of one’s case. If your case qualifies make sure you apply online, we will get you your pre-settlement funding within 24 hours of approval. We use the following in order to determine what the quality of each case is:


Semi-trucks have large insurance policies. This is because on average a semi-truck weighs 80,000 tons. All of that weight can do severe damage to any passenger vehicles that were unlucky enough to be in an accident with them.

Therefore, for qualifying for a lawsuit loan with Provident Lawsuit Loans, if you have been in an accident with a tractor-trailer, you will have an insurance company to go after. Therefore you meet this qualification.


The next thing we look at is a liability. Liability is whether or not the truck driver is at fault. There has to be clear evidence that the semi-truck driver is at fault in order for Provident to grant pre-settlement funding.

This can be in the form of the company offering a settlement or if there is evidence that the truck driver was at fault. Typically this can be gathered from videos, witnesses, or expert reports.


In order to qualify for a cash advance from Provident, you have to be able to seek compensation from damages. Damages can be a range of things:

  • Medical expenses (past and reoccurring)
  • Lost wages
  • Potential lost earnings
  • Property damage

If your semi-truck accident has left you unable to work, or you have medical expenses piling up, your case will qualify for pre-settlement funding with Provident Lawsuit Loans. The more severe your damages, the more in pre-settlement funding you qualify for. This is because the more severe the damages the higher your case value.

National statistics

According to the IIHS there were a total of 4,136 fatalities from truck accidents in 2018. Of those deaths, 16% were truck occupants while 67% were from passenger vehicles. The remaining 15% were pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists.

Large truck fatalities were 31% higher in 2018 than it was in 2009. The number of truck occupants that died was 51% higher in 2018 than it was in 2009.

Of all of the accidents, tractor-trailers had the most accidents, with 3,042 and single-unit trucks were in 1,108 accidents.

Most trucking accidents happen on major roads, accounting for 52% of all accidents. 33% occurred on interstates and freeways, and 14% occurred on minor roads. 50% of all truck accidents in 2018 happened between 6 am and 3 pm.

Common causes

Below we have listed some of the most common causes for semi-truck accidents:

  • Fatigued drivers – trucking companies often push drivers in order to make timelines. As a result, some test drivers are not fully rested before driving.
  • Drugs and Alcohol – truck drivers have high substance abuse rates; they report that they use them as a way to stay awake
  • Distracted driving –  distracted driving consists of eating, drinking, texting, and talking on the phone
  • Speeding – truck drivers usually speed in order to make deadlines
  • Lack of training – Sometimes drivers do not have all the training they need which leads to them causing accidents
  • Improper cargo storage – if the cargo is not properly loaded, it could fall off leading to accidents

What to watch out for

There are a few things you as a passenger driver can look out for while near trucks in order to help prevent an accident.

  • Blind spots – semi-trucks have several blind spots: one behind, one in front, and one along the driver’s side. You want to avoid being in a blind spot
  • Turning – most trucks make wide turns and therefore you want to avoid getting in their turning radius. Likewise, if you can avoid turning in front of a truck
  • Fast lane changing – if you are changing lanes make sure to signal properly and merge carefully
  • Proper space – due to the containers that trucks usually have, it is important to give them proper space when driving around them

Severe injuries

While car accidents have the potential to have severe injuries, truck accidents tend to have them. This is because semi trucks are extremely large, and they typically weigh over 80,000 tons.

As such, when they impact a passenger vehicle, they tend to do a lot of damage. This means that there is a much higher likelihood of there being severe injuries in semi-truck accidents.

Below we have listed some of the common semi-truck accident injuries:

  • Wrongful death – death as the result of an accident, one’s family would file the case
  • Traumatic brain injury – injury to the brain that can result in permanent loss of certain body functions, also known as TBI
  • Spinal cord injury – injury to a section of the spine that typically results in partial or complete paralysis from the affected area and below
  • Broken bones  – broken bones or fractures as a result of the impact
  • Lacerations – cuts from different parts of the car crashing, and shattered glass

Cash alternatives for semi-truck accidents

There are multiple alternatives for receiving cash after you have been in a semi-truck accident. As such, we have listed some cash alternatives that can help you get through these difficult times.

  • Charities – you can seek a charity that helps support accident victims
  • Government organizations – there are multiple government agencies that help with things such as rent and affording food
  • Friends and family – you can ask your friends and family to financially support you
  • Legal Funding – lawsuit loans expensive, and therefore it should be one of your last options, Provident advances a part of the settlement that is repaid when you win your case
  • Loans – you can receive a loan to help make ends meet, however they typically have high-interest rates

How Much Lawsuit Funding Can I Get On My Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Since damages are usually extensive, you should expect a fairly large settlement. Usually, Provident can only advance about 5% to 15% of your expected settlement.

If your expected settlement is $1,000,000, you could qualify for up to $150,000 in funding.

There is no minimum funding amount. We typically work with your attorney to determine the value of your case. In as little as a few hours of speaking with your lawyer, we can have you approved for funding.

What are the requirements for Provident Lawsuit Loans cash advances?

There are only three requirements you, as the plaintiff, need to meet in order to qualify for pre-settlement funding with Provident. Otherwise, as detailed earlier, all of the other qualifications are based on the merit of your case,

Once again at Provident we never check creditworthiness or employment history as a requirement for our pre-settlement funding.

  • 18 years or older – Provident is unable to provide lawsuit funding to minors
  • Attorney – due to the nature of lawsuit funding, you must have an attorney to apply
  • Need cash now – pre-settlement funding is expensive, you should only apply if you need cash immediately

Can you apply for a Provident Legal funding cash advance when you’ve already received funding?

If you have already received funding with a different company, you can still apply for a cash advance with Provident. There are a few requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for additional funding:

  • Surgery – you need to have had surgery or injections in order for Provident legal funding to provide additional an additional cash advance
  • Case value – typically you can only get 5% – 20% in legal funding, if you have maxed out in legal funding we cannot provide you with an additional cash advance
  • Attorney cooperation – sometimes after clients have received funding, some attorneys are wary of signing off on more pre-settlement funding

Provident Lawsuit Loans

If you meet these qualifications, you are the perfect candidate to apply for a lawsuit loan from Provident. We understand that you are in an extremely difficult situation, which is why we want to do our best to help you. Call or apply online now with Provident legal funding. We can get you your personal injury lawsuit loans within 24 hours of approval.

How Much Lawsuit Funding Can I Get On My Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Since damages are usually extensive, you should expect a fairly large settlement. Usually, Provident can only advance about 5% to 15% of your expected settlement.

If your expected settlement is $1,000,000, you could qualify for up to $150,000 in funding. There is no minimum funding amount.

We typically work with your attorney to determine the value of your case. In as little as a few hours of speaking with your lawyer, we can have you approved for funding.

Because coverage is typically a non-issue with tractor-trailer accidents, we focus on liability and damages.

  • Liability – who was at fault for the accident? Was it the semi-truck driver? What shows that this is the case? Usually Provident relies on third-party accounts of the incident (traffic accident report, witness statement, etc.) or photos to understand who is at fault for the accident.
  • Damages – once we have liability squared away, damages are the main focus. How much has your medical treatment cost to-date and what will it cost in the future? Are you out of work as a result of your injuries? These questions help us determine the fair amount you would be due at settlement.

Truck Accident Lawsuit Loans Qualifications

Qualifying for a truck accident lawsuit loan is easy. Assuming you are over the age of 18, there are only a few factors that determine whether or not we can approve your case.

  1. Liability is on the truck driver, or trucking company – Of course, we will only lend to plaintiffs with a clear, strong case against the defendant. In other words, if you were the only party injured, but it was due to you running a red light, you do not qualify. Often liability is decided before either party sets foot in a courtroom.
  2. You have hired an attorney on contingency – This is not only important so that we can establish how much of your settlement is already allocated to legal counsel, but also simply to ensure your case is strong. If an attorney is working on contingency, it means they are nearly positive you will win.
  3. There must be physical injury – We can not lend against unmeasurable damages. Emotional trauma alone cannot be assigned a value, whereas a broken bone can.

If you meet these qualifications, you are the perfect candidate to apply for a lawsuit loan from Provident.

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