How Do Insurance Companies Determine Car Accident Settlement Amounts?

Insurance companies use the following three variables when determining car settlement amounts: Liability Damages Terms and limits of insurance policy Assuming liability is clear, the insurer’s claims adjuster establishes the value of the victim’s losses relative to policy limits. All of the above factors come into play when insurance companies determine the value of car … Read more

What States Are No Fault States?

Auto insurance laws are made at a state level in the United States, with a state able to choose between being a tort liability state, a no-fault state, or a combination of these two approaches. Whether you are getting auto insurance for the first time or you’re looking to switch providers, knowing the difference between … Read more

How Are Car Settlements Paid Out?

Most car accident cases are resolved before trial through settlement negotiations between the injured party and an insurance carrier. Discover more today about how car settlements are paid out, how long settlement takes, and what variables influence the overall settlement amount. All car accidents are different, and the amount of your settlement will reflect the … Read more

Taxi and Limousine Accidents

Each time you hail a taxi or are a passenger in a limousine, you place a certain amount of trust in your driver. You trust they have properly maintained their vehicle. You trust they will be responsible. And most importantly, you trust they will be a safe driver. However, that trust can break. In those … Read more

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