How Long to Get a Settlement Check From Car Accident?

If you are involved in a car accident and suffer injuries, it can seem like the settlement process is never-ending.

Even once you sign a settlement release, you may still need to wait several weeks before you receive a check. Many insurance companies employ delaying tactics instead of issuing payment promptly.

All cases are unique, and your personal accident attorney can outline a likely timeline for your specific settlement.

In This Guide:

    What Variables Impact How Long It Takes To Get A Settlement Check From An Auto Accident?

    Every personal accident claim is different, and if you consult average claim times, you could end up receiving your money much sooner or later than the average claimant.

    The following variables will all influence how long it takes to get a settlement check after a car accident:

    • The number of releases the claims adjuster requires you to sign.
    • How long each party takes to sign and return the releases.
    • If the insurer banks out-of-state.
    • How long the insurer takes to curt and mail a check.
    • Any medical liens that need paying first.
    • Whether you retained an attorney to handle your claim and settlement.

    An experienced car accident attorney can efficiently guide you through the claims process to minimize wasted time. A lawyer handling claims forms or gathering evidence on your behalf is liable to get the job done quicker than you would yourself. They will also be less likely to omit important information or documentation.

    If you hire an attorney, you will hopefully receive compensation sent to your bank account as little as ten days after receiving a check.

    Should You Consult a Lawyer to Get Your Car Accident Settlement Check?

    Not all lawyers work in the same way. Some attorneys prefer to immediately file a lawsuit to recover damages, while others will be more prone to negotiating a fair and reasonable compensation settlement before the case goes to trial.

    Both approaches have specific benefits. Filing suit immediately places pressure on the insurance company to either come up with a fair settlement offer or to risk going to trial.

    If you discover that the insurance company is prepared to fight your settlement agreement in court, consider filing a lawsuit promptly to minimize wasted time.

    Bear in mind that filing a lawsuit does not mean the case always goes to trial. In most instances, the insurance company will attempt to settle the case before it reaches the court and the unpredictability of trial by jury.

    Legal proceedings typically involve a discovery conference, discovery, any pre-trial motions, trial, and appeals. While any of these steps can be halted or extended, they must be followed in sequence.

    The discovery conference is when the involved parties and the court meet for the first time. Each party will send requests for documents, along with interrogatories. The other party must respond with all relevant information and documentation.

    Retaining an attorney will help you avoid some of the common traps laid out by insurers. A lawyer will also be experienced at handling claims and navigating the litigation process. You should find you achieve a superior settlement value if you are represented by an accident injury attorney, and you should also get your settlement quicker.

    When to Get a Settlement Check After a Car Accident

    As outlined, every car accident case and compensation claim is unique. As such, all settlements take different amounts of time to resolve.

    Ultimately, the specifics of your case will dictate the settlement timeline. The best way of accurately predicting how long it will take is to schedule an appointment with a suitable attorney. This is your swiftest route to getting the compensation you deserve.

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