Soft Tissue Injuries

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Being in any type of accident is stressful enough on its own.

You may not have broken any bones, but that’s not to say you aren’t in pain. Soft tissue injuries, which include injuries to tendons, muscles, and ligaments can be just as painful.

If you were injured to the extent that you’re unable to work, the financial stress can be devastating. With lengthy treatment, your soft tissue injury claim can take months or even years to settle.

If money is tight, we can help. Don’t let the defendant’s insurance company take advantage of your situation. Early settlement offers are often for amounts that would be far less than you’d receive if you see the case out to its end.

Settling early could mean the difference between accepting a $20,000 versus a $50,000 settlement.

If your bills have started to pile up and you’re wondering if there is any other way to get immediate, financial relief while your case is still pending, the answer is yes.

This is where pre-settlement funding comes in. Plaintiffs who apply for lawsuit loans can generally receive an advance on their lawsuit within 24 hours. If you lose your case, you pay back nothing!

Soft Tissue Injuries From Motor Vehicle Accidents

Although millions of Americans safely get behind the wheel of a car each and every day, motor vehicle accidents still happen. Soft tissue injuries from motor vehicle accidents can span from cuts to bruises, to bone breaks and whiplash.

Whiplash occurs when the neck moves beyond its normal range of motion, and while it’s most commonly associated with being in a rear-end collision, people can also experience symptoms of whiplash after a slip and fall accident.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may not be able to return to work for weeks, if not months.

The same holds true if you’ve experienced a grade 3 sprain or strain. In addition to being painful, torn ligaments and muscles can take a very long time to heal.

If your attorney has determined that your soft tissue injuries are due to no fault of your own, and you feel as if your case is taking forever to settle, auto accident lawsuit loans can help you bridge the gap between now and when your case is finalized.

Other types of soft tissue injuries

There are many different types of soft tissue injuries, and while some can be treated with ice, rest and anti-inflammatory medication, others may require surgery and long-term care.

  • A sprain occurs when someone experiences a partial tear of a ligament. Although grade 1 sprains will generally heal on their own, grade 2 and grade 3 sprains are far more serious; in some cases, a grade 3 sprain may require surgery and long-term medical care.
  • Strains happen when someone injures a muscle or tendon. Much like sprains, treatment can span from rest to surgery depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Tendonitis is a common result of an overuse injury in which the affected area has been injured from repetitive motion. Treatment options range from rest to steroid injections to surgery.
  • Bursitis, which is the inflammation of the fluid-filled sac that provides a cushion between muscles, tendons, and bones. Bursitis can be caused by both overuse and direct trauma. Treatment options include ice, rest, and in some cases, injections.
  • Stress fractures occur when someone experiences a tiny crack in a bone. Although initial treatment may include ice and rest, if the crack progresses into a full break, treatment may involve surgery.
  • Although most people think that ACL tears only happen among athletes, ACL tears can also happen during a car accident if the victim sustains a direct impact on their knee. Some victims prefer to treat an ACL tear with rest, but surgery is the most common treatment.

Empowering Plaintiffs

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