Ride Sharing Accident Lawsuit Loans

Naturally, as Uber and Lyft gain market share, accidents involving their drivers are on the rise. As with other commercial vehicle accidents, ride–sharing services involve lots of insurance coverage.

Whether you are a working driver, a passenger, or hit by a working ride-sharing driver, a $1 million policy covers these types of accidents.

Because no ride-sharing claim has ever gone to trial, it is very likely your case will settle. The value of your case, however, depends entirely on the injuries you suffered and the impact the accident had on your life.

Provident Lawsuit Loans offers 24-hour approval and low, simple rates on all auto accident claims. Our funding on Uber and Lyft accident claims can range from $200 – $100,000, based on the value of your claim.

Approval for Uber and Lyft accident lawsuit loans

There are three factors that influence the likelihood of you receiving a lawsuit loan from Provident. We have detailed what each of these is below and how they affect your chances.

  • Damages – in order to receive a lawsuit loan you must have damages of some kind. Typically cases with Medical damages are stronger, this means if you are receiving treatment for your injuries, you qualify
  • Insurance – the defendant must have an insurance policy you can go after in order to qualify, luckily for Uber and Lyft accident victims, the companies have extremely large policies
  • Liability – there has to be clear liability that the Uber or Lyft driver was the one at fault for the accident

Lack of data

Sadly, while we do have some statistics on Uber and Lyft accidents, the companies do not share this data. As a result there is a large mystery as to how many car accidents have taken place under the companies.

As such, there is no way to have an accurate car accident statistics page for this page. However, we will do what we can in order to ensure we have the most accurate data possible with the information we have available.

In 2018 there were a reported 3,045 sexual assaults in Ubers. The number is not known for Lyft however at the end of 2019, 19 women filed a lawsuit.

According to the report listed by Uber between the years 2017 and 2018, there were 97 fatal crashes. Of those, there were a total of 107 deaths.

Common causes

The common causes for Uber and Lyft accidents are the same as a regular car accident. Therefore we have listed the most common causes for a typical car accident and how you can help avoid being in a dangerous uber ride.

  • Intoxicated driving – driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Distracted driving – driving while texting talking on the phone, eating and drinking
  • Speeding – driving above the speed limit
  • Weather conditions – weather conditions such as snowing, raining, or hailing that cause accident
  • Drowsy driving – driving while sleepy

If you feel as though your Uber or Lyft driver is behaving in any of these manners, politely ask them to pull over or bring the car to a stop, Once they have, exit the car and cancel the trip. Once you have done that, make sure you contact Uber immediately to alert them about the behaviors of the drivers,

Sexual harassment in Uber and Lyft

While the car accident data for Uber and Lyft is not open to the public, Uber did release a report stating the alarmingly high rates for sexual harassment in their rides. According to an article released by the New York times, there were 3,045 uber sexual harassment claims filed during 2019.

While the number of individuals sexually assaulted by Lyft has not been disclosed, at the end of 2019, 19 women filed a lawsuit against Lyft because they were sexually harassed while on the ride.

What to do after an Uber or Lyft accident

Uber provides some basic info on what to do after an accident. Their advice is as follows:

1. Check that all parties involved are safe.

2. Notify police and paramedics if necessary.

3. Contact us.

In addition, even if you’re a passenger, it’s important to have yourself listed on the traffic accident report. Also, save the receipt and any communication regarding your ride and take pictures of the accident if possible.

If you feel like you have any sort of injury, it’s important to either take an ambulance or go to the ER directly after the accident. Some injuries take time to present, and it’s important you describe any initial symptoms to a doctor.

What rates does Provident offer on rideshare accident loans?

Provident offers the lowest rates in the industry. We only charge once every six months. In addition to this, our rates are simple or non-compounding. Most legal funding companies charge whatever they want in rates because there is very little legislation regulating rates. This leads those companies to charge compounding rates or rates on top of already accumulated rates. This means with compounding rates, after a year you can end up having to pay more than 100% of the funding you received back!

At Provident we do not do this. Simple rates mean we only charge on the base fund amount, and never on accumulated fees. Additionally to this, we have a cap on how much you will have to pay back. With us, you will never have to pay back more than twice what you took out for your personal injury case. This way, you’ll be able to keep a larger portion of your settlement.

Why is Provident the best rise share accident lawsuit loan funding company?

There are many reasons why Provident offers the best lawsuit loans in the industry. Not only can we get you your cash advance within 24 hours, but we can also do it with the lowest uber accident legal funding rates around.

Below we have listed some of the reasons why Provident is the best rideshare accident cash advance company:

  • No win no pay – if you lose your case, you do not have to pay us back, you can keep the legal funding on us
  • Never pay more than twice – you never have to pay back more than twice what you took out in legal funding
  • Responsive – our personal injury case managers are extremely responsive and will get back to you quickly
  • Rates – we offer some of the lowest rates in the industry. For rideshare accidents, we can go as low as 15% simple, semi-annually.
  • Efficient – once we start your legal funding process we do everything we can to make sure you get it as soon as possible, within 24 and 48 hours
  • Transfer options – we offer a variety of legal funding transfer options so that you have your personal injury funds as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the reasons why Provident is one of the best rideshare accident lawsuit loan providers. If you have had any personal injury claim, from a semi-truck accident to a bike accident, we can help you get your funding within 24 hours of approval.

Can pre-settlement funding get me a larger settlement?

Pre-settlement funding from Provident can get you a larger settlement. This is because as a general rule of thumb, the longer you are on the case the higher your potential settlement will be. This is because your attorney will be able to fight the case longer, which means they have a better chance of winning the case for you.

Additionally, insurance companies know that most individuals want to get back to their lives as quickly as possible after a car accident. Therefore, an insurance company will offer an initial extremely low settlement (called low balling) with the hopes that financial restrictions will force the plaintiff to settle the Uber accident injury lawsuit quickly.

However, with Uber accident lawsuit loans, you’ll be able to reject the initial low settlement and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawsuits

Because Uber and Lyft almost always settle these lawsuits before trial, you can expect the same for your claim. Even so, your claim can take some time to resolve. If the insurance company does not make a large enough offer, your lawyer will still likely file your lawsuit.

However, before a demand is ever sent, plaintiffs usually have to complete the majority of their medical treatment for their injuries. The reason for this is that past medical bills are generally assessed at a higher value than future medical bills.

Because these companies vigorously defend these claims, pursuing fair settlement can take years. Both take the stance that the driver is an independent contractor and not covered by their insurance.

Pre-settlement funding from Provident

Provident’s legal funding helps plaintiffs fight back against large defendants. Because of the high coverage for ride-sharing accidents, we can often fund these claims much earlier than other injury claims.

We offer some of the best terms in the industry on Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing claims with no upfront fees and low, simple rates. Call us today for an instant quote.

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