What Car Accident Damages Can I Get?

During a car accident personal injury case, there are many damages you can claim. Medical bills are the most common damage claimed, however there are several other. In your car accident claim you can receive compensation for the following types of damages: economic loss (both past and future), pain and suffering damages, loss of consortium (also known as loss of affection) and property damage. We intend to detail the types of damages you may want to consider fighting for during your car accident claim. Here at provident we want to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Property damage

Property damage is one of the types of damages you may also claim in you personal injury case. Property damage is any property that you own that was damaged due to the car accident. This typically means your car itself. You can advocate to your insurance company that you also want to receive payment for the damages done to your car. This is especially true if the car accident has left you car completely totaled. Don’t pay for the repair or completely new car yourself. Add property damages yo tour personal injury claim.

Medical expenses (past and future)

Injuries from a car accident can be as small as a few cuts and bruises, to as serious as spinal injury or a different permanent disability. Not every injury is apparent from the get-go, so its crucial that after a car accident you receive medical attention for your injuries. Medical bills and expenses can be apart of your personal injury claim. In fact, they are the most common form of damages filed with accident claims.

Medical expenses you can file damages for on your personal injury case are but not limited to the following:

  • Physical and/or cognitive therapy (if a brain injury);
  • Disfigurement
  • Consultations with health care professionals;
  • Permanent disability
  • Accessories such as crutches or heat pads;
  • In-home services ( non-medical included).
  • Ambulance fees

If your injuries are serious enough to warrant repetitive treatment or therapy, doctors can lawyers can estimate how much that will additional cost. These accumulated medical bills as a result of your injury can also be put in your claim. Your insurance company may higher an expert in order to confirm your pain is rehabilitation is factual.

Economic loss (past and future)

Injuries from a car accident may result in you no longer being able to work. . This includes not being able to work because you have to attend physical therapy sessions, problems with mobility or time spent in the hospital. Anything that stops you from making what you made prior to the injury. This accounts for the wages you have already lost, and the wages you will lose as a result of your injuries. These lost wages can have a big impact on your life and can be a big cause of pain, it is typically what insurance companies use against you to get you to settle for less. Don’t let these lost wages remain that way, when filling for your person injury accident claim, make sure you include economic loss.

Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering is defined as the physical and mental distress that a person claims damages for in their accident claim. These types of damages can be based on several things including: type of injury, seriousness of injury, and how much the injury will affect the person in the future. Pain and suffering damages may also be given on the bases of emotional and mental pain. A few of the types of mental pain that pain and suffering covers includes anxiety, stress, and PTSD.

Loss of consortium

Loss of consortium is also known as loss of affection. If the injuries you sustain in the car accident prevent you from showing affection to your spouse then they can claim loss of consortium. Your partner can make a claim from they pain they feel for not being able to get close to you. Car accidents affect for than just you. While you are the one with injuries, your loved ones also have to battle insurance companies with you. For the emotional pain they experience, they can make a claim for loss of consortium.

Personal injury calculator

Want to calculate the value of your case? Check out this simple tool for calculating your personal injury settlement.

Car accident loans from Provident

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