General Personal Injury Settlement Value Calculator

Use this calculator to help you understand the underlying value in your claim.

General Personal Injury Lawsuit Value Calculator

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Medical Expenses:

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Using and Understanding This Calculator

This personal injury settlement value calculator is an illustrative tool to give you a general idea of how your settlement breaks down. No two cases are the same and there are a lot of other factors that go into understanding the value of your claim.

The calculator can be a good tool to understand the range of values that you can expect at settlement or from a jury trial. Some inputs are based on known, clear values. Others might require a brief conversation with your attorney or medical providers.

Property Damage

Property damage refers to the real dollar value of restoring damaged property to its previous condition. With personal injury claims, property damage comes into play during auto accidents. Usually, either a body shop, insurance adjuster, or both will determine this value. If your vehicle is a total loss, you will usually be compensated for property damage at the fair market value of your vehicle.

Medical Expenses

Usually, plaintiffs cover medical expenses through their own insurance, or on lien with a letter of protection from an attorney. In either case, medical expenses will typically be paid out of your settlement at a reduced rate. For example, if you accrue $100,000 of medical expenses on your claim, your attorney will likely pay-out about two-thirds of that value or $66,000 from your settlement.

If your case is likely to settle before you’ve reached a maximum point of medical improvement, or you have permanent, life-altering injuries, your settlement will likely account for future medical expenses. These are usually estimated by your attorney or an economic or medical expert.

Medical Damages Multiplier

To use this calculator properly, it is important to speak with your attorney about what they think an appropriate general damages multiplier would be for your case.

This figure can vary from case to case and locale to locale. Several factors go into determining a suitable value or range including:

  • The venue of your claim
  • Exceptional negligence
  • Injury permanence
  • The extent of pain and suffering
  • The disruption to your life and work
  • Emotional trauma and impact
  • Loss of consortium

Lost Wages

If you worked prior to your injury, and are out of work as a result of your injury, you may be able to recover lost wages in your settlement. To calculate these, just multiply your monthly earnings by the number of months you were out of work due to injury.

For future lost earnings, it is important to understand when you will be able to get back to work. If you have a permanent injury that renders you unable to work, this can be a very large value. An economic expert typically helps calculate these figures with a simple discounted cash flow analysis.

Expected Settlement Value and Pre-Settlement Funding

The amount of pre-settlement funding you can qualify for depends heavily on your expected case value. To understand how much you might qualify for, take the number you determined above and divide it by 10.

10% of case value is the typical maximum that a pre-settlement funding company is willing to advance to a personal injury plaintiff.

It’s important to understand that your real settlement value is constrained by insurance coverage. If your calculated value is greater than the amount of coverage, or if coverage limits are unknown, this can place a limit on the amount of funding you can qualify for.

The best way to understand how much funding you qualify for is to call Provident at (800) 908-6860. We can pre-qualify you for funding and give you a rate quote within minutes.

Personal Injury Case Value Estimate:

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