Can The IRS Take My Personal Injury Settlement?

If you suffer injuries due to another party’s negligence, you could be concerned about the IRS taking part of your settlement. For anyone who has back taxes, it is possible the IRS will take part of a personal injury settlement. If there is already a lien on any of your personal property, the IRS could … Read more

Personal Injury Plaintiff Financial Planning and Funding Worksheet

Monthly Income Net Income From Work: Additional Income: Monthly Expenses Rent or Mortgage Expense: Utilities: Medical: Transportation (include insurance, gas, etc.): Internet, Cable Other Subscriptions: Groceries and Restaurants: Entertainment: Interest and Debt Repayments: Other: Calculate Income Expenses Net Income / Expenses

General Personal Injury Settlement Value Calculator

Use this calculator to help you understand the underlying value in your claim. General Personal Injury Lawsuit Value Calculator Property Damages: Medical Expenses: Future Medical Expenses: Medical Damages Multiplier (Usually 1.0x – 4.0x): Lost Wages: Future Lost Wages: Calculate Estimated Settlement Value: Using and Understanding This Calculator This personal injury settlement value calculator is an … Read more

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