Fracture Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

Bone injuries can leave you out of work and in need of financial help before your case settles.
Provident can help. With a fast turnaround and a transparent process, we’ll get you back on your feet in no time.

You’re strolling down the produce aisle of your local supermarket, looking for fresh tomatoes, when all of a sudden your feet slip and you lose control. You try to break your fall with your right hand, but your forearm makes a horrible sound as the bone snaps. All you wanted were tomatoes — you weren’t being reckless in any way — but because store personnel failed to clean up a puddle of olive oil that was spilled earlier, you’re now in pain with a seriously fractured arm.

You know it’s going to cost you dearly, not just because you work with your hands and won’t be able to work for several weeks, but also because you have a high-deductible insurance plan. You’re fairly certain the grocery store owner is legally responsible for your injury (and X-rays make the evidence virtually indisputable). But even if your attorney doesn’t collect until you’re compensated, how will you make ends meet in the meantime?

The good news is that Provident Lawsuit Loans offers risk-free, pre-settlement lawsuit loans at the lowest rates — guaranteed — to help get you back on your feet before your case settles. If you’ve suffered a fracture because of another party’s negligence, it’s important to understand the costs you may incur (and thus claim in damages) as a result.

Commonly Claimed Costs Related to Fractures: Medical Bills & Lost Wages

Costs related to medical treatment and the inability to work are relatively easy to calculate since they’re typically documented (i.e., invoices, copays, and discrepancies in paychecks). The court (typically a jury) will consider these documented costs along with projected costs and losses.

For instance, your doctor informs you that your right forearm will take six to eight weeks to heal. If you regularly lift heavy loads in your day-to-day duties, you might not be able to work that entire time. If you require physical therapy or have a more serious injury (a compound fracture, torn ligaments, etc.), this could keep you from working for an even longer period of time.

Similarly, you will have a record of any medical treatment you’ve received in relation to the injury (i.e. initial visit, perhaps at an emergency room; the cost of a cast and/or protective brace; medications). But your doctor also should have a pretty good idea of any future care you will require, such as cast removal, surgery, and follow-up visits.

Bone injuries can range from a hairline fracture in a finger to a compound injury requiring surgery and physical therapy — with plaintiff claims in the $1 million range not uncommon.

Pain and Suffering From Fracture Injuries

What if the pain from your fracture was so unbearable that it caused you considerable stress and a long period of discomfort?

These more subjective “pain and suffering” damages are difficult to quantify but may be justified claims in certain instances.

Similarly, what if your injury affects your arm permanently in such a way that you’re no longer able to enjoy bowling on a regular basis, an activity you enjoyed every weekend? This may be quantified as a “loss of quality of life” claim. If the injury prevents you from enjoying the company of your spouse, you could claim “loss of consortium.”

Also, the injury could possibly impact your ability to continue with your occupation. If your injury doesn’t heal properly and you’re no longer able to lift heavy items throughout a shift, per your job description, you may be able to quantify and claim this loss of future earning capacity.

Waiting for Your Injury Settlement

We’ve discussed the various costs that may arise from a fractured bone, which (if another party was liable) you may claim as damages. But even if your case is a slam-dunk, it’s going to take a while to resolve itself in court. Settlements can come as quickly as a few weeks from your claim to two years, or even longer.

We know you don’t have time to wait — you’ve got a mortgage to pay, children to feed, bills to cover. See how Provident can help you secure a pre-settlement advance today and get you back to your normal life.

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