Pre-Settlement Funding Cost Calculator

At Provident, we keep it simple. Use this easy tool to understand what legal funding really costs.

Pre-Settlement Funding Calculator

Pre-Settlement Funding Amount:

Time Until Settlement:

Estimated Total Payback:

Using This Calculator

This calculator is an illustrative tool to understand the approximate cost of legal funding from Provident. Approved funding rates vary based on case-type, but are nearly always simple, non-compounding semi-annual rates like above.

Use our settlement value calculator, apply online or call us today at (800) 908-6860 to get a rough idea of how much funding you might qualify for on your claim.

It is important to talk to your attorney about how long they feel your case will take to settle. While most cases settle before trial, some cases might go the full distance. Including treatment, some cases can take years to settle. Your lawyer is best-suited to provide an estimate.

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