Auto Accident Loan FAQs

They may be a lot of questions buzzing around in your head about car accident loans. Provident wants to put your mind at ease and tell you about our legal funding. There are many benefits to taking out a car accident loan with us. We an accident loan you can earn a larger accident settlement for your personal injury case. You can get approved within 24 hours and have your cash advance sent to you immediately. Provident knows you have bills to pay and with our lawsuit loans, you’ll be able to do that until you reach your settlement.

This article is here to address some of the questions you may have surround accident lawsuit loans. If you have any questions that we do not address in this article, feel free to call us at (800) 908-6860.

Is a car accident loan a loan?

This is the big question on everyone’s mind. Is a car accident loan with Provident a loan? The answer is no. Legal funding from provident is not a loan and here’s why. No matter the outcome of your case, you absolutely have to repay a loan. But with Provident accident settlement loans, you don’t pay it back if you don’t win the case. It’s that simple. You get to keep the cash advance on us if for whatever reason you lose your case.

What’s the difference between Provident legal funding and Loan companies?

One of the biggest differences between loan companies and Provident is we can get you approved within 24 hours. We know you need this car accident loan in order to help make ends meet. So we do our best to ensure you get your cash advance as quickly as possible.

Another big difference between loan companies and Provident is we work with your attorney to review your case. During the review, we learn the ins and outs of your personal injury car accident and we can properly advise exactly how much legal funding you should ask for.

And the third difference between loan companies and Provident is our rates. Provident offers car accident loans with simple rates. This means we only charge off of the original fund amount. Loan companies often charge rates based on accumulated amounts. Provident uses simple rates for our car accident loans because we want you to keep as much of your settlement as possible.

Do I qualify for funding?

If you are injured and have hired an attorney it is very likely you qualify for legal funding from Provident. This is because we cover most personal injury cases. A few examples of the cases we cover are car accidents, slip and fall accidents, FELA, and many more.

What steps do I need to take to apply?

Applying is a very easy process. For example, if you are applying for a car accident loan, hit the apply tab on the Provident website. Put in your information and select “Auto Accident”. And that’s it. Once we receive your case we review it and get into contact with you about how we can help you get car accident loans.

Will you work with my attorney?

We work with the attorney on your case so we can get you funding as quickly as possible. We keep you in the loop about where we are in the funding process. Your attorney sends us information that they received from the insurance company and other important documents. We use this to determine how much funding you qualify for.

How much cash do I qualify for?

Provident offers settlement loans from as low as $500 to as high as $250,000. We can go even higher for clients how are in need or who have high case values. Generally, the severity of your injury dictates what you can offer. But Provident always whats to give the accident lawsuit loan that best fits our clients’ needs.

How long will it take me to get my accident settlement loan?

We will get you your cash advance within 24 hours of approval. Often, we can have your funding transferred to you within one hour. At Provident we know this funding, whether it is a car accident loan or a different accident lawsuit loan is important, so we get it to you as quickly as possible.

How will I get my legal funding after I am approved?

We can provide direct deposits for major national banks. We can also send wires, checks, and work with different money transfer providers including Western Union and MoneyGram. We pride ourselves on being a paperless company, meaning you get your lawsuit loans sent to you as quickly as possible.

What do people usually use accident settlement loans for?

You may use our cash advance for whatever you want. This could be paying legal fees, medical bills, utility bills, or any other bills you may have built up due to your lawsuit. This money is meant to help you get back on your feet Especially since an accident typically leaves people unable to work while their case is in litigation.

Will getting accident lawsuit loans hurt my credit?

No matter what type of pre-settlement loan you get, a car accident loan, a FELA accident loan or whatever accident settlement funding you get, it will not hurt your credit. This is because accident lawsuit funding does not work based on your credit or employment history. we work exclusively with the quality of your case. You won’t even be the person paying us back. Your attorney will forward our funding back once you reach your settlement.

Can an accident settlement loan get me a larger settlement?

Yes, it can. Legal funding gives you an advantage over insurance companies. It allows you to properly fight your claim instead of settling for less than you deserve. An insurance company will try to offer you a low settlement. Insurance companies do this because they want to save as much money as possible. However, lawsuit loans allow you to say no to the low settlement and properly fight your case because you don’t have to worry about bills piling up. It gives you the extra time you’ll need to reach a fair settlement.

Why do companies providing lawsuit loans focus on car accident loans?

Lawsuit loan companies typically focus on car accidents because a car accident is the most common personal injury case. If you have been in a car accident or know someone who has been in a car accident, we suggest that you seek legal funding. The damages done in a car accident can be life-changing. Insurance companies often try to lowball clients into taking less than what their case is worth.

A car accident can permanently change someone’s life. In order to have the time to fight for proper compensation after a car accident, we suggest legal funding as additional leverage on your case. For more information on how to get a loan for your car accident case, visit this page or call us at (800) 908-6860.

Provident Lawsuit Loans

Provident provides legal funding for most accident cases. We are on the accident victims’ side and want you to get the compensation you deserve. We offer competitively low, simple rates. If you do not win your case you do not have to pay the funding back. Call us today at (800) 908-6860 and get your funding in as little as 24 hours.

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