How Are Car Settlements Paid Out?

Most car accident cases are resolved before trial through settlement negotiations between the injured party and an insurance carrier. Discover more today about how car settlements are paid out, how long settlement takes, and what variables influence the overall settlement amount. All car accidents are different, and the amount of your settlement will reflect the … Read more

Pre-Settlement Funding Cost Calculator

At Provident, we keep it simple. Use this easy tool to understand what legal funding really costs. Pre-Settlement Funding Calculator Pre-Settlement Funding Amount: Time Until Settlement: 6 Months1 Year1.5 Years2 Years Calculate Estimated Total Payback: Using This Calculator This calculator is an illustrative tool to understand the approximate cost of legal funding from Provident. Approved funding … Read more

Pre-Settlement Loans Overview

Filing a lawsuit can be an expensive process. Between hiring a lawyer, and fighting a personal injury case in court, victims can be left fronting quite a bit of cash resulting in a significant amount of legal debt. Fortunately, a pre-settlement loan is an effective way to receive the funds you’ll need to fight for … Read more

Personal Injury Plaintiff Financial Planning and Funding Worksheet

Monthly Income Net Income From Work: Additional Income: Monthly Expenses Rent or Mortgage Expense: Utilities: Medical: Transportation (include insurance, gas, etc.): Internet, Cable Other Subscriptions: Groceries and Restaurants: Entertainment: Interest and Debt Repayments: Other: Calculate Income Expenses Net Income / Expenses

General Personal Injury Settlement Value Calculator

Use this calculator to help you understand the underlying value in your claim. General Personal Injury Lawsuit Value Calculator Property Damages: Medical Expenses: Future Medical Expenses: Medical Damages Multiplier (Usually 1.0x – 4.0x): Lost Wages: Future Lost Wages: Calculate Estimated Settlement Value: Using and Understanding This Calculator This personal injury settlement value calculator is an … Read more

Choosing The Best Pre-Settlement Funding Company

As an injured plaintiff, things can get expensive. Thankfully, personal injury attorneys generally work on contingency. However, if you were hurt in an accident and are unable to work, your daily expenses can themselves give you trouble. This is a reality that a lot of defendants take advantage of. Often, personal injury plaintiffs are up … Read more

Taxi and Limousine Accidents

Each time you hail a taxi or are a passenger in a limousine, you place a certain amount of trust in your driver. You trust they have properly maintained their vehicle. You trust they will be responsible. And most importantly, you trust they will be a safe driver. However, that trust can break. In those … Read more

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